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Development and role of building materials additives
- 2019-11-20-

The increasing use of chemical building materials has prompted their production and development research. After more than 20 years of development, a complete chemical building material industrial system has been established in China, including building plastics, architectural coatings, polymer waterproofing materials, building adhesives and concrete admixtures and polymer concrete. In the production process of chemical building materials, additives can play an important role in improving the performance of products. Correct understanding of the mechanism of action of the additives and the application of their techniques to the role of building materials additives , the rational and correct use of additives is more important, it belongs to the auxiliary materials for building materials, specifically for concrete construction Additives.

Building materials additives are used as building chemical additives for demolding, curing and waterproofing of mixed vines. They have been widely used in concrete construction. These additives have in common that they are all emulsion type liquids. The film-forming agent is mainly composed of a film-forming substance, an emulsifier and an auxiliary agent. The choice of film-forming material is also different depending on the effect of each agent. For example, the release agent selects an oily material with a small frictional force and a small amount of intermolecular attraction. The curing agent selects a temporary waterproof material with a low mechanical index. The waterproofing agent selects a low molecular or high molecular composition having a long chain. The membrane is firm, can close the pores, block the hairy passage, and reduce the hydrophobicity. Therefore, the existing additives basically have only a single function, and it is impossible to have all three functions.

In addition, most of the current release agents are fatty acid soaps, vegetable oils and feet soaps, emulsified oils. Not only high cost, high price. For example, 4-15 release agent is priced at 890 yuan per ton. Demold once. It is easy to get ash, and the release agent coating can't resist water washing. The curing agent is vinyl chloride. The vinylidene chloride copolymer RT175. Its price is 5,600 yuan / ton, emulsifying paraffin-type, resin-based common agent curing agent. Its high price. Poor water retention performance. The waterproofing agent basically adopts emulsified asphalt, which has high construction cost and pollutes the environment.

The purpose of the building materials auxiliaries is to develop an auxiliaries for various functions such as demoulding, curing and waterproofing of mixed shovel. The auxiliaries are mainly made of chemical waste, and the cost is low. The design process is simple. One time can be demolded 2-3 times, the release effect is good, the release coating can resist water washing, the water retention effect is good, and the waterproof performance is good.