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Preparation process of multifunctional concrete building materials auxiliary
- 2019-11-20-

The multifunctional concrete building material auxiliary agent is prepared by heating, saponifying, emulsifying and cooling the film forming material, emulsifier and paving aid. The film-forming material is made of acid slag and paraffin, and the emulsifier is made of alcohol residue. The additive is prepared by using chemical waste as the main raw material, and has many functions of demoulding, curing and waterproofing. Once applied, the mold is released 2~3 times, the surface of the component is smooth, and the film layer can resist water washing and water circulation. The concrete moisture loss is 0.030g/cm2, the curing effect is good, the water is immersed for 6 months, the coating has no change, the waterproof effect is good, the preparation process of the additive is simple, the production cost is low, the use cost is low, and it is suitable for large-area promotion.

The preparation process of the multifunctional concrete building material auxiliary agent is as follows: firstly, the acid residue is heated and melted to above 90 ° C, and under constant stirring, the hot alkali liquid is slowly added, and the saponification is continued for stirring at 85-90 ° C for 15-20 minutes. After saponification, add a mixture of alcohol slag, paraffin and leveling agent which is melted, stir evenly, emulsifie in heated water, stir at 85-95 °C, and emulsifie after 30-40 minutes of emulsification. The liquid is stirred and cooled with cooling water, or naturally cooled to 40 ° C, and the output is the product.

Multi-functional concrete building materials additives need to be compounded with a variety of materials with various properties, and the chemical waste composition is complex and is a composite of various components. Therefore, the additive has a hydrophobic structure and a low molecular or high molecular composition. The chemical waste is the main component of the film-forming material. It is heated and saponified, chemically modified, and other auxiliary agents to make the film-forming material have various characteristics.

Multi-functional concrete additive is sprayed on the surface of fresh concrete to form a water-impermeable multi-molecular film. The excess water used for concrete mixing is enclosed in concrete, which reduces the water loss in the early hardening stage of the mixed boat soil and plays a role in water conservation and conservation. .