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Extracting amino acid raw powder from fermentation waste liquid
- 2019-11-16-

After extracting some amino acids required by the fermentation industry, there are many other amino acids in the waste liquid. The use of waste liquid to produce mixed amino acid raw powder fertilizer is also the main way to produce amino acid fertilizer.

The amino acid raw powder has a wide source and good application effect. Whether used as fertilizer or feed, it is welcomed by farmers and friends. It has a part of the audience. Let's talk about the application effect of amino acid raw material powder. For example, the use of glutamic acid fermentation waste liquid to produce amino acid plant nutrient solution has more nutrients, high fertilizer efficiency, convenient use, and has the advantages of quick dissolution, easy absorption, and high fertilizer efficiency. Its rich nutrients perform well in improving soil environment, fertility, yield and crop stress resistance. The effect of glutamic acid fermentation waste liquid as tomato nutrient solution is better than that of nutrient solution.

It has been reported that cystine is hydrolyzed from hair and produces about 40 tons of mother liquor per 1 t of product. Because the raw materials and processes for the production of amino acid raw powders vary widely and the composition is complex, its production and application is a complex system engineering involving chemical, chemical, biochemical, soil nutrition, plant physiology and other disciplines, and the development space is relatively broad. The cystine mother liquor contains 17 amino acids. The waste liquid can be directly sprayed after dilution to increase vegetable yield. For example, an additive composed of elements such as phosphorus and potassium in a waste liquid has a better fertilizer efficiency, and the yield increase is greater than the sum of the increase rates of the waste liquid and the additive. After the various components added to the waste liquid are absorbed by the crop, a complementary synergistic phenomenon occurs.

The use of industrial waste residue to produce amino acid raw material powder not only solves the problem of industrial production wastewater treatment and turning waste into treasure, but also develops and utilizes amino acid resources, improves the comprehensive utilization level of resources and energy, and helps the agricultural ecological development to generate greater economic benefits and Social benefits.