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Enzymatic hydrolysis of fish protein contributes to agricultural development
- 2019-11-16-

It is believed that people in the industry know that the main raw material for enzymatic hydrolysis of fish protein is deep-sea fish, and then select excellent enzyme preparations to extract marine fish oligopeptides and highly unsaturated fatty acids (DHA, EPA) through procedures such as bio-enzymatic hydrolysis. ) bioactive products. It is a better fertilizer for agriculture and is good for plant growth. Let's take a closer look:

Indicators for enzymatic hydrolysis of fish protein:

Total amino acid ≥200g/L, marine fish oligopeptide ≥150g/L, N+P2O5+K2O≥50g/L, crude protein ≥200g/L.

For the role of plants:

1. Improve resistance: This product can better raise the ground temperature and resist environmental stress caused by harsh environment such as low temperature.

2, improve plant immunity: contains unsaturated fatty acids, can stimulate plant physiological functions, improve plant anti-virus ability.

3, rooting and strong: This product can be beneficial to root growth and development, help to create new roots, maintain old roots, and facilitate the growth of seedlings.

4, improve quality and improve efficiency: improve fruit quality, make it bright, full of fruit, but also willing to increase crop yield, extend fruit picking time and preservation time.

Application direction of enzymatic hydrolyzed protein:

1. Application of water-soluble fertilizer: It is used to produce functional water-soluble fertilizer, and the product has fish flavor.

2, the application of solid fertilizer: can be added as an active peptide auxiliaries in solid fertilizer granulation to improve fertilizer efficiency.

3, direct use: can be applied, drip irrigation, spraying or with other fertilizers at the same time. This product can be applied to the dropper of the sprinkler belt, saving water and saving money, and the effect is good.

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