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Enzymatic amino acids play a good role in plant growth
- 2019-11-16-

Everyone knows that the growth of plants requires the supply of fertilizer. Just as the growth of people's bodies requires nutrient supplements, parents now choose a variety of nutrients to supplement in the child's growing season, and the meals are also focused on nutrition. The same is true for plants. Fertilizers provide the nutrients needed for plant growth. The selection of fertilizers has a direct effect on the quality of plants and the benefits of vegetable farmers. Enzymatic amino acid is a good choice. For example, the farmers in Sunjiaji pay more attention to it. The use of this kind of fertilizer, the roots of cucumber seedlings grow better, the roots are long, and relatively thick, and are praised by the surrounding farmers.

In order to test the use of this product, some farmers have done relevant tests to use the enzymatic amino acid for the powdered fruit and small fruit tomatoes. This hormone-free fertilizer is used, and the plant grows to look like what it is. If the hormone-containing persimmon is hollow, the leaves are black, and the decay is fast, because the product does not contain hormones, so it is controlled that the persimmon does not prematurely decay, so that the tomatoes are already red to the top and the leaves are still bright.

Tomato growers firmly believe that the same principle is that they can't let unqualified fertilizers ruin their hard-working greenhouses, so they rely on fertilizers that contain enzymatic amino acids. It feels better to use roots, and people use them later. The situation of losing trees in rainy days has been reduced, thanks to the product, which is a biologically extracted free amino acid, which is both a small molecule and a plant source. Plants absorb quickly, so the crop resistance is improved in bad weather. Inverse.

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