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Keep your eyes clean when choosing fish protein stocks
- 2019-11-16-

According to industry insiders, under the background of zero soil and zero fertilizer growth, the main fertilizers with “organic, environmental protection and long-lasting effects” have determined the development prospects and potential of fish protein stocks.

But at the same time, today's market is more chaotic, new types of water-soluble fertilizers, humic acid, amino acids, fish protein and seaweed, etc., not only farmers, but also many dealers are unclear. The agricultural capital industry is facing many development bottlenecks such as insufficient understanding of farmers, different types of registered products, and uneven product quality.

Because of this, some people in the industry have also questioned it. Some small companies have exaggerated the names of raw materials such as “fish protein stock solution”, “sea algae essence” and “new water-soluble fertilizer”. The test report and results for raw materials are not It will be released to the public because they know that once it is announced, it will be "exposed". Therefore, the manufacturer must choose the company with the full certificate when selecting.

Our company's fish protein stock solution has high enzyme activity and rapid degradation. The reaction process does not need to adjust PH. Neutral tap water can degrade fish protein to a relatively high level of small peptides. The reaction is mild and the amino acid composition is complete, which ensures the inclusion of fish. Unstable amino acids such as serine and tryptophan are retained; high levels of active small molecule peptides ensure the biological functions of fish protein against disease and stress.

Fish protein stock is made from marine fresh fish. It is a mixture of peptide, mucopolysaccharide and some water-soluble proteins. It contains trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, copper, zinc and boron. Unsaturated fatty acids, taurine, vitamins, etc.

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