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Implementing amino acid raw powder to raise fish is the way for reservoirs to increase production
- 2019-11-20-

Fish culture in reservoirs is an important function in addition to reservoir water storage irrigation. Amino acid raw powder fish is a non-bait (green, fine bait), no application (fish medicine, pesticide), no disease, fast growth, easy operation High-efficiency healthy farming technology.

Implementing fertilizer and fish farming is the way for reservoirs to increase production. The main points of breeding are as follows:

1. Amino acid raw powder replaces nitrogen fertilizer such as urea, ammonium chloride and ammonium bicarbonate, which is a new breakthrough in chemical fertilizer farming technology. It is a pure biological product extracted from animal by-products. It has no chemical synthesis. Fish and shrimp and plankton (fish and shrimp bait) can be directly absorbed and utilized. The conversion effect is good, there is no residue, no pollution, and it has the dual functions of fertilizer and fish. . And the content is high and the amount is small, saving the cost of freight labor.

2. The reservoir conditions are suitable for medium and small reservoirs with open water surface. The water depth is less than 20 meters and the flood discharge is small. The annual exchange rate of common reservoir water is less than 3 times.

3. Fish stocking.

The purpose of applying the original amino acid powder is to fertilize water and to breed plankton. Therefore, the reservoir should be mainly based on fertilized fish such as white peony (鲢) and flower 鲢 (鳙), and properly matched with grass, alfalfa, alfalfa and herring.

Quantity of delivery: The stocking amount is determined according to the planned output, water depth and water level after perennial drainage, and generally 100,300 square meters of fish species are put into the 667 square meters.

Specifications: Adopt the fish species every other year. Generally, the seedlings are 16.7 cm or more, and the seedlings are 13.3 cm or more, preferably 0.050.10 kg/tail.

Time: In the autumn and winter, the batches will be invested in the warehouse. Summer fish species are better than 6.60 cm, and it is appropriate to invest in the library from late May to early July.

4. The amount of fertilization. When the water temperature reaches 18 in the middle and late April, the fertilization should be applied to ensure the reproduction of plankton (algae). The product is applied to the water depth of 12 meters per 667 square meters and the product is 1.52.2 kg + ammonium phosphate 1.52.5 kg. If it is more than 2 meters, the dosage should be increased appropriately.

Fertilization again According to the water color to determine the number of plankton, generally applied amino acid raw powder 12 kg + ammonium phosphate 12 kg. The amount of fertilizer applied throughout the year is determined according to planned yield, stocking density and water quality.