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Characteristics of application of molasses liquid in fertilizers (I)
- 2019-11-20-

The molasses liquid is a product which is produced by using a three-effect fermentation concentrating device, using molasses as a raw material, fermenting by a microbial fermentation technique, and then concentrating. The appearance is dark brown thick liquid, caramel smell, is a relatively pure fermented product.

Characteristics of the application of molasses in fertilizers

1. Scientifically combine new nutrition chains to balance plant needs. This product is not a pure molecular compound, but a heterogeneous composite macromolecular structure with a complex composition. Therefore, this product contains amino acids, trace elements, various enzymes, sugars (oligosaccharides, fructose, etc.), proteins, nucleic acids, humic acid and Vc, Ve, and a large number of B vitamins required for plant growth. And other nutrients. At the same time, this product is a microbial fermented product, so it has the basic characteristics of biological bacterial fertilizer. Therefore, the energy polymerized by this product is a single amino acid, humic acid, trace element, biological fertilizer and other fertilizers can not be compared. The biological activity of this product and the efficacy exhibited by the plant are the result of the interaction of many complex components.

2. The molasses liquid has an unknown growth-promoting factor with high biological activity. This product can replace or partially replace synthetic hormones such as gibberellin, sodium nitrophenolate, paclobutrazol and naphthaleneacetic acid.

3. Strong complexing ability. It can help the absorption and movement of trace elements and phosphorus. It not only avoids direct contact between trace elements and phosphorus, but also causes mutual deactivation of phosphorus, and can play a positive balance, thereby improving the utilization of both.

4, molasses liquid anti-flocculation, buffer, good solubility, strong interaction with metal ions. The product can be dissolved in any acid-base water of PH1-14. In high-calcium and magnesium hard water and saturated brine, the molasses fermentation concentrate does not flocculate and precipitate, has good stability and good electrolyte resistance. This product relies on the buffer pair composed of different groups, can withstand acid and alkali, and has no obvious change in pH value, and has large buffer capacity. At the same time, the product has good water solubility, metal ion exchange and strong complexing ability.