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How to use enzymatic amino acids to achieve its value
- 2019-11-16-

Xiao Bian believes that there are many similarities between this farmer's fertilizer and women's cosmetics. For example, the more planters are willing to increase the input of fertilizer, just as the beauty is willing to spend more money on their faces; It is said that in the past few years, some vegetable farmers have put some hormone-containing fertilizers into the shed. As a result, they looked good in the season. Later, they were rooted, wilted, and dried up. The next one had to spend a lot of money to regulate the soil. It is like someone who uses some unqualified cosmetics with hormones for the sake of temporary good looks on the face. This is a self-deception! Therefore, the vegetable farmers should pay special attention to the choice of fertilizer and rooting fertilizer. It is necessary to polish the eyes to get twice the result with half the effort. The enzymatic amino acid of our company is a better choice.

First, the main functions of enzymatic amino acid:

1. It can chelate soil nutrients and stimulate root growth, making crops grow and grow, with high fertilizer utilization and high yield.

2. Improve the photosynthetic properties of crops, promote the transfer and transportation of photosynthetic products, improve crop quality and improve their commercial properties.

3, can improve the micro-domain environment of the crop rhizosphere, inhibit the occurrence of soil-borne diseases, and have a good effect on crops.

4, combined with inorganic fertilizers, can increase the synergy effect of nutrients, crop yield increase effect is better.

5. Long-term application makes the soil porous and loose, reduces the degree of soil compaction, and improves soil fertility and water retention capacity.

6. This series of products is an ecological organic fertilizer that needs to be used in organic food bases.

Second, the recommended dosage

1, bottom application / topdressing / seed dressing 40 ~ 60KG / acre.

2. Spray 1-3kg/mu

3, can be mixed with, and have mutual synergy

4. Spray effect is better before 10am or after 4pm

5, 2 hours after spraying, it should be re-sprayed in case of rain.

6. Repeated application according to agricultural and nutritional requirements during the growing season.

After reading the above, I have an understanding of the enzymatic amino acid. I hope that this product will bring you good benefits in the future planting.