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Fish protein stock
- 2019-11-16-

The fish protein stock as a small molecule protein can be directly absorbed through the cell wall of the crop, thereby providing nutrients as a crop faster. At the same time, it can be used together with other nutrients to promote the crops, improve the production performance of the crops, increase the autoimmune ability of the crops, and enhance the disease resistance and stress resistance of the crops to avoid premature aging.

It has good cushioning and integration capabilities. Enhance her temperature, integrate minerals, and improve the utilization of multiple elements. The organic chlorine contained in the small peptide fish protein, as the ammonia source of microorganisms in the soil, can rapidly increase the number of microorganisms in the soil, loosen the soil, improve the permeability of the soil, improve the soil aggregate structure, and make the roots reach the root-rooting Dugan Effect.

Fish protein stock

It can increase soil fertility and increase crop yield quickly. In addition to rich fish protein free amino acid and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients, this product also contains enzymes such as enzymes that catalyze plant cells and soil root microorganisms, which can increase soil organic matter. The content promotes the formation of soil aggregate structure and improves soil fertility and water retention capacity.

Rhizosphere microorganisms use fish protein as a carrier to accelerate reproduction, increase in quantity, increase activity, and vigorous metabolism of microorganisms, activate soil nutrients, increase soil fertility, develop crop roots, grow robustly, activate activated chemical elements in soil, and degrade, The solubilization promotes a virtuous cycle of the soil.

Increase the disease resistance of crops, the effect of comprehensive fertilizer and microbes, improve the physiological functions of crops, prevent and correct various nutrient deficiencies, and the function of plant growth factors, so that crops greatly enhance the antibody capacity and reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. Reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and reduce environmental pollution.

Fish protein stock can improve the quality and taste of good crops; the complete peptide structure of free fish protein in this product, and the synergistic effect of plant growth factors on the polypeptide chain, make the crop sugar, protein and vitamins more complete; make the fruit expand faster Good color, reduce the rate of deformed fruit and fruit cracking; at the same time, it helps the accumulation of nutrients such as protein, vitamins and sugars, and improves the quality of products. It is a good product for the production of organic food.