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The role and advantages of amino acid raw powder
- 2019-11-16-

First, the role of amino acid raw powder

1. Fertilizer containing amino acid raw powder is a fertilizer that can provide a variety of amino acid nutrition for plants.

2. A large amount of data indicates that amino acids are present as small molecules of proteins in fertilizers, which are easily absorbed by crops. They also have the ability to increase the resistance of fertilized subjects (mainly disease resistance), stimulate and regulate crop growth and development, and improve fertilization. The quality of the crop.

3. At present, the amino acid fertilizers supplied by China's agricultural resources market are mostly low-concentration amino acids and micro-fertilizers, mainly adding amino acids and medium-micro nutrient elements. It has a good effect of increasing yield and improving quality, and has a good effect on solving the deficiency of trace elements in crops.

4. However, the use of this fertilizer is limited to soils lacking medium and trace elements. Because of its low nutrient content, it needs to be used in combination with other fertilizers to show good fertilizer efficiency.

Amino acid raw powder is mainly used in medicine, feed (fish feed, pig feed) and additives. It is the main raw material for amino acid foliar fertilizer and can be directly applied to crops as a fertilizer. The advantages are as follows:

1. There are 17 kinds of amino acids with high nutrient content, nutrient content ≥ 42%, 667 square meters is only 1/3-1/2 of urea dosage, fertilizer efficiency is better than urea, and fertilizer efficiency is longer.

2. High-fertilizer and high-yield amino acids can be directly used in crops, with fast fertilizer efficiency, no volatile loss, and high utilization rate.

3. Improving soil amino acids can nourish soil microbes and improve soil structure, thereby improving soil permeability.

4, improve soil fertility amino acids can complex the excess nutrients in the soil, at the same time can replace and activate the soil fixed phosphorus, potassium, calcium and other nutrients, thereby improving soil fertility and reducing fertilization.

5, improve crop stress-resistant amino acids not only have the absorption and alleviation in the soil, but also can reduce and improve the drug resistance of crops after being absorbed by the crops. At the same time, it has a good effect on crop drought resistance, anti-caries and stress-resistant environment.