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Detailed explanation of the role, use and precautions of enzymatic hydrolysis of fish protein
- 2019-11-16-

The enzymatic hydrolyzed protein is sequestered by deep-sea fish (salmon, squid) small peptide protein (low temperature enzymatic activation method), food grade polyglutamic acid, chelated trace elements, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and other materials. Process refined. Rich organic matter, active mineral potassium, small peptide fish protein three kinds of nutrients, can activate soil improvement, supplement a variety of nutrients, improve crop growth, promote flowers and promote fruit, fruit and fruit, sweeten and color, improve fruit quality . This product can be mainly applied to a variety of crops, safe for people, livestock and crops.

The role of enzymatic hydrolysis of fish protein:

1. Assisted growth: This product contains a variety of large and medium-sized trace elements, with high nutrient content and high content, which promotes crop growth. It can solve various physiology such as leaflets, yellow leaves, falling flowers, fruit drop, slow growth, and poor growth caused by deficiency. Sexual diseases.

2, flower expansion fruit: small peptide fish protein, high activity polyglutamic acid, natural minerals active potassium and other nutrients can help flower bud differentiation, increase fruit set rate, make fruit enlargement, reduce dead fruit, cracked fruit. Improve the quality and yield of crops by using the correctness and fruit color.

3, improved quality: small peptide fish protein, amino acids, taurine, vitamins and other active substances can help chlorophyll synthesis and improve photosynthesis. Conducive to dark reaction, increase dry matter accumulation, activate the activity of various enzymes, promote physiological metabolism of crops, make crops fully mature early, sweeten and color, and improve fruit commerciality. Enhance crop disease resistance, anti-premature aging, and stress resistance.

How to use enzymatically hydrolyzed fish protein:

Drip irrigation: 5-10kg per mu, flushing: 10kg per mu. The amount of use can be increased or decreased as appropriate depending on local soil conditions, fertilization habits, nutritional needs of the crop and growth.

Note on enzymatic hydrolysis of fish protein:

1. Do not mix with strong acid and strong alkaline products.

2. Store in a cool dry place, do not let strong light shine.

3. Unusable stock solution is directly applied to crops.

4, the first time use, please leave a blank control to verify the product effect.

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