Potassium fulvate

Potassium fulvate
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Potassium fulvate is a natural mineral active potassium fertilizer. It consists of humic acid and potassium oxide extracted from humic acid. Appearance is brown or brown with foamed microporous particles. It contains pharmaceutical ingredients that activate hardened soil, kill underground pests, increase the utilization of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, thereby improving the quality of crops. Strengthen root adhesion and absorption, which is conducive to root development. It is an efficient energy-saving fertilizer.

The role of potassium fulvic acid:

1, can kill underground pests faster, prevent root knot nematode disease.

2. Activate hardened soil, improve soil aggregate structure, improve soil water retention and fertilizer retention, reduce heavy metal content in soil, and reduce the damage of salt ions to seeds and seedlings.

3, synergistic NPK fertilizer, is conducive to plant absorption faster and better; the fertilizer itself contains trace elements, rare earth elements, plant growth regulators, viral inhibitors and other nutrients, so that the crop plant type is more vigorous leaf color Green, anti-falling ability is stronger.

Potassium fulvic acid is completely soluble in water, no residue, and a large amount of elemental water soluble fertilizer, improve fertilizer absorption and utilization rate, regulate soil acid-base balance and gas permeability, balance tree potential, reduce the incidence of small leaf yellow leaves, fruit greening fast, sugar increase Add color!

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