Fish protein stock

Fish protein stock
Product Details

The raw material of fish protein stock is deep-sea carp and low-value fish. After salvage, it is hydrolyzed by low-temperature and high-pressure crushing. There is temperature limitation in the production process. The temperature of the whole process can not be higher than 50 °C, and then the natural active ingredients are extracted and compared. Stable, product nutrients, scientific ratio, rich in organic matter, conducive to plant roots and strong seedlings, flower and fruit, fruit coloring, stress resistance, and good effects on plant growth and soil improvement.

Functional characteristics of fish protein stock:

1. Supplement the amount of protein and enzymes in the soil, rapidly increase the number of soil microorganisms, and improve the microenvironment around the roots.

2. Balance soil acid and alkali, improve soil aggregate structure, loosen soil and improve soil permeability.

3. It has a good boosting effect on the development of roots and the growth of fibrous roots and lateral roots.

4. Conducive to crop growth, improve crop resilience, and reduce crop damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

5, can alleviate the frostbite of plants and branches and flowers, to maintain the normal growth and development of crops.

6, the early use of enhanced crop growth, promote plant flower bud differentiation, so that the flower buds full, strong, anti-drop fruit, cracked fruit.

7. The use of fish protein stock in the middle and late stages is conducive to the expansion of the fruit, the promotion of sugar and color, the improvement of quality, and the increase of crop yield.