Organic fertilizer raw material

Organic fertilizer raw material
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The organic fertilizer raw material is extracted from plants or animals. Its main function is to apply to the soil to improve the soil fertility and provide the plants with the nutrients and carbonaceous materials needed for growth.

Organic fertilizer raw materials are processed from biological materials, animal and plant wastes, and plant residues through various processes, removing harmful substances from them, and retaining a large amount of beneficial substances to form fertilizers, including various organic Acids, peptides and nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc., these elements are combined to provide a variety of nutrients for the growth of crops, and the fertilizer effect is relatively long, which can improve soil organic matter, promote the proliferation of microorganisms, and improve The physical and chemical properties and biological activity of the soil, so organic fertilizer is the main source of nutrients in the growth of organic foods.

The main component of the fine organic fertilizer raw material is peat, which is also called peat, which is an organic fertilizer that has been used for a long time. Peat is a product of long-term sedimentation and transformation of ancient organisms. It is very slow to decompose in the soil after application, and it is useful for the increase of long-term soil organic matter. The degree of decomposing or transformation of peat products varies more or less, because peat has a high amount of soil essence - humic acid, and peat contains yellow acid and humic rubber. The organic matter content is high, and the ash content should not be high. Too high.