Enzymatically hydrolyzed fish protein

Enzymatically hydrolyzed fish protein
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The raw material of enzymatic hydrolyzed protein is fermented by pure fish enzymatic hydrolysis. It is mainly based on deep-sea fish as raw material, and selects excellent enzyme preparation. The bio-enzymatic process extracts marine fish oligopeptide and is highly unsaturated. Biologically active products such as fatty acids (DHA, EPA), including lactic acid bacteria and yeast 4 billion, protein 35, small peptide 35, free amino acid 35-45, organic matter 50, PH-5-6.5.

Enzymatic hydrolysis of fish protein

1. Improve the ability to resist stress: It can raise the ground temperature and resist environmental stress caused by harsh environments such as low temperature.

2, improve plant resistance: contains unsaturated fatty acids, activate plant physiological functions, improve plant anti-virus ability.

3, plant resistance can be rooted and strong seedlings to improve plant quality and yield.

4, improve quality and efficiency: improve fruit quality, increase crop yield, extend fruit picking time and preservation time, improve the ability to resist cold and cold.

5. Enzymatic hydrolysis of fish protein is beneficial to improve its nutritional value and functional properties. The polypeptide is easier to digest and absorb than the protein, provides energy to the body faster, has no protein denaturation, has a small molecular weight, and is easily soluble in water. The protease hydrolysis method is the main method for extracting hydrolyzed fish protein, and the product obtained by the protease hydrolysis method has a high product. Nutritional value and good physical and chemical properties.