Sugar cane molasses

Sugar cane molasses
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Cane molasses is a brown to dark brown homogeneous viscous liquid that requires no impurities, odor and no fermentation. It uses sugar cane as raw material to heat, neutralize, precipitate, filter, concentrate and crystallize the sugar cane juice extracted from the sugar industry. The remaining thick liquid is a by-product of the sugar factory. Molasses is also called waste honey, commonly known as orange water, pure molasses weight 86 sugar 48.

It is a feed material with good quality and low price. Sugar cane molasses is not only an energy material, but also has the advantages of faster digestion, better palatability, less dust, and improved particle quality.

The method for producing sugar cane molasses is to prepare humic acid lanthanum rare earth by chelating reaction with humic acid and rare earth chloride or rare earth oxide, and then adding various materials, mixing uniformly, drying and pulverizing. It can be used for biological bacterial culture, feed addition, seafood cultivation, building admixtures, and bacterial fermentation. Molasses can also be used as a cement retarder, grinding aid, water reducer and concrete admixture for the construction industry.

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