Enzymatic amino acid

Enzymatic amino acid
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The enzymatic amino acid has the characteristics of organic nitrogen and inorganic nitrogen, and is the main raw material of the gluten-based fertilizer, and can also be directly used as a medium fertilizer and a base fertilizer for crops. There are two kinds of powders in the raw material, one is animal fur and the other is soybean or soybean meal.

1. It can chelate soil nutrients and stimulate root growth, making crops stable and long, and high fertilizer utilization.

2. Improve the photosynthetic performance of crops, facilitate the transfer and transportation of photosynthetic products, improve the quality of crops, and improve their commercial properties.

3, can improve the rhizosphere microenvironment of crops, reduce the occurrence of soil-borne diseases, and have a better resistance to crops.

4. The application of inorganic fertilizer can improve the synergistic effect of nutrients and improve the yield of crops.

5, long-term application can make the soil loose and porous, reduce the degree of soil hardening, improve soil fertility and water retention capacity.

6. Amino acid powder is an ecological organic fertilizer that needs to be used in organic food bases and environmental protection food bases.

The enzymatic amino acid is a biodegradation product of glucose, and the bio-enzymatic process is assured. It has a great effect on the growth and development of crops. Many agricultural scientists call amino acids "root fertilizers". The main effect on roots is to stimulate the division and growth of the meristematic cells of the roots, so that the seedlings are rooted faster. Increased rooting, increased root mass, and elongation of the roots greatly increase the ability of crops to absorb water and nutrients.

After enzymatic amino acid enters the plant, it stimulates the plant, mainly in the increase of respiratory intensity, the increase of photosynthesis, and the activity of various enzymes, so that the fruit can be colored and matured in advance, which can increase the output value.

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