Amino acid raw powder

Amino acid raw powder
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Amino acid raw powder is mainly used in medicine, feed (fish feed, pig feed) and additives. It is the main raw material for amino acid foliar fertilizer. The amino acid raw powder developed by our company is directly used for crop fertilization, with stable physical and chemical properties, fast dissolution rate and stable solution properties. It can improve the quality and yield of crops. It can also be used in confectionery, pastries, fortified foods, baked goods, gravy noodles, condiments (sauces, soups), as well as additives and basic ingredients that promote the growth of plants and animals.

Advantages of amino acid raw powder include:

1. The nutrient contains 17 kinds of amino acids, and the fertilization effect is better than urea.

2, fertilizer efficiency, high utilization rate, amino acids can be directly used by crops, fertilizer efficiency, no volatile loss, high utilization.

3, improved soil, amino acid powder can nourish soil microbes, improve soil structure, thereby improving soil permeability.

4. Improve soil fertility Amino acids can complex excess nutrients in the soil, and at the same time replace and activate fixed nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and calcium in the soil, thereby improving soil fertility and reducing fertilization.

5, amino acid raw powder can improve crop resistance amino acids can not only absorb and neutralize pesticides in the soil, but also can alleviate and improve the resistance of crops after absorption. At the same time, it has a good effect on drought resistance and mites of crops.

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